Fashion designers participate in yearly festival celebrating elegant beauty of Chinese character

By Nancy T. Lu
Fashion lines ran gracefully and flowed elegantly like the cursive strokes of Chinese calligraphy at the Confucius Temple in Taipei on January 2. Parallels surfaced clearly for all to admire at the special event of the Chinese Character Festival to wind up on January 11 this year.

The spectators led by Taipei Vice Mayor Lee Yong-ping only remembered watching the studied and stylized paces of costumed schoolchildren at an annual ceremony in honor of the Great Sage in this sacred setting in the past. The modern fashion parade seemed unprecedented.

But on this night of nights, despite the drizzle, guests – many of them wearing the yellow plastic raincoats bought probably by the event organizer from the nearby convenience store – seemed all eyes on the high fashion trotted out on the ramp.

Sophie Hong, a fashion designer preparing to open her own shop in Paris in March, showed a collection of designs created on silk fabrics processed and transformed with the help of brush for special texture. The sophisticated but comfortable looks had suggestions of the “qi pao” or cheongsam as seen in the high collars and slits on the skirts. Hong playfully introduced pipings with an eye on asynmmetry. Her caftans carried her own colorful abstract paintings. Trademark clogs went with the dresses.

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