2008 Sep. Modacycle met Sophie Hong @Red Market Salon

9/23/08 – Caroline Hedaya – Spring 2009 Preview

by Charles Beckwith

The Caroline Hedaya Spring 2009 Preview at the Red Market salon on Gansevoort Street was well attended by a friendly fashion-forward crowd.

I was just about to turn around and head out when I walked up in front of Taipei designer Sophie Hong’s display of easy-to-wear light natural silk, linen, and leather. Absolutely gorgeous clothing. She takes the rich historical Asian design aesthetics and brings them skillfully forward in time. Her pieces look like they belong among the most elegant steampunk “tomorrow is yesterday” garments. Each piece has a great collar and fantastic detail. Her fabric choices are top notch as well. This is what I want to see when I go to trade shows. Excellent craftsmanship, the designer’s unique voice, and detail that knocks your socks off. Thanks for ending my day with a “wow,” Sophie!

URL: http://www.modacycle.com/journal/journal_09_2008.php

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