“SOPHIE HONG”, the notable designer and textile researcher, has invested herself in the development of the traditional “Mud Silk” technique since 1977. “HONG Silk”, named for her, is clothing of exceptional quality, exquisitely designed and handsomely produced. She upholds, with great respect, nature’s delicate ecosystem with regard to its application in the creation of wearable clothing. Ultimately, she has breathed new life into traditional silks forming a new fashion fusion between occidental and oriental cultures.

Among Sophie Hong’s artistic endeavours, one discovers vast drawings, sculptures, precious metal designs and furnishings of wood and bamboo…forming a diversified collection of fine art.

Sophie HONG opened her flagship boutique at Paris’ Palais-Royal in 2010 and subsequently that same year; she became manager of the “Le Pigeonnier” bookstore in Taipei.

By 2012 she was honoured with the presentation of the French merit award of “Chevalier”, delivered by France’s national order, in recognition of her performance to promote cultural exchanges between France and Taiwan.

Another tribute paid to Ms Hong in 2014, was the Golden Pin Design Award applauding her for her excellence and innovation in creating “HONG Silk”.

In 2015, Sophie Hong broaden her horizons with another new concept by opening the Sophie Hong Taichung Art Space; a venue combining fashion, French literature, art wares and other everyday aesthetics, including an art gallery.