2009.12.9 Chinese character Festival – Master talks

Master talks

Bruce Lin,Selena Wei,Li Chi-Mao,Sophie Hong,Tsai Mon-Sha,Chang Ping-Huang

This time Sophie Hong was invited to participate in the festival of the Chinese Character Festival, CMEX plan a Master talks for masters who’s gonna join the Festival.The people from left is CMEX’s creative director Bruce Lin, Secretary-General Selena Wei,Well known brush and ink artist Li Chi-Mao, Well known fashion designer Sophie Hong,Tsai Mon-Sha and Calligrapher Chang Ping-Huang.
Each of the master are very busy, it’s a very valuable meeting. And on 15, Dec 2009 PM2 :00-3: 00 in the New Civilization Bookstore (1F, 30, Chung Shan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan),CMEX arrang an easy press, welcome!