Sophie HONG Taipei Flag Shops and Workshops

Hidden away from the busy street of HsinYi Road there is a unique and tasteful building which gives out a vibe of exploration. Inside you are greeted with a variety of items. This is “Sophie Hong Studio,” which is quite different than most clothing shops. Sophie Hong founded her line “Sophie HONG”. Which is based on her own silk material “Hong silk,” being the main material of her fashion designs. Using these materials she allowed herself and her clothes a leap into the international fashion world. Sophie Hong’s clothes always bring in a little bit of home, from the cutting, the button detail to weaving and many more. She uses inspiration from life, and her clothes has a huge emphasis on comfort and nature with a unique spin.

“Practical function is the main of clothing, and the most important is dressing comfortably,” Hong said. Everyone has their own personalities and when buying clothes find items that presents oneself’s taste and characteristics.

Hong not only has passion for fashion but a wide range of art as well, such as; painting, jewelry, equipment and many more. She uses everything as an inspiration. She has arranged her shop herself. Her shops has a wide range of mixed media and work from her fellow friends or her own work. She uses all natural material to create the majority of the shop an example would be the creative chairs made out of left over metal.

4, Lane228, Section2, Hsin Yi Rd,
10651 Taipei
Tel: +886 2 23 51 6469
Fax: +886 223 94 8993

Opening Hours

10:00 ~ 19:00

Monday to Saturday




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