Hong Silk

Sophie Hong’s favorite fabric is genuine silk dyed with tea, then lacquered according to an ancestral Chinese process which produces an incredible and unique range of color such as blue, green, brown and purple hues.

Simple geometrical shapes and paper-like surfaces characterizes Sophie Hong’s shirts, quilted jackets, wide pants, “bark” raincoats and woven-ribbon vests. The overall effect gives a feeling of subtle superimposition to a mature and genuinely modern men’s wardrobe.

Other unique and natural processes to create Sophie Hong’s cloth is to lay a coarse white material on the grass, moisten it with pure yam juice, then leave it spread out under the burning sun from April to September. Later, use mud from the bottom of the river to dampen it again. Result? “Gambiered Guangdong Silk” – a fabric redolent with essences of nature – silk, grass, river, sun, earth, and the rhythm of ever – changing temperatures.

Pure oriental silk, with its modest traditional shades of green, yellow, red, white, and black, has been endowed with a whole new range of colors and styles.

In the words of the Taiwanese poet Du Shi-Shan, “Sophie Hong’s material suits our bodies; it also suits our souls.”