New Style of National Palace Museum


uniform of National Palace Museum


Sophie and Museum staff

2009/08/18 china post interview

For the individual or for a group the need remains to “express a message” on how you wish other people to know you, to feel about you, to get attracted to meet with you — and dialogue with you. What you wear is a silent but clear message — which can be as forceful as music or a song.
I am quite happy, and proud, to have been selected as the designer and supplier of one uniform for Taipei Palace Museum restaurant and tea-house staff. This uniform will convey a friendly image to the millions of vistors accomodated every year in the museum.

“Sophie Hong” is still a signature more than a brand-name.

Many thanks to China post Editor Dimitri Bruyas, manager of gift shop Li Wen Jing, General manager He Chen Huan, staffs of Museum, and everyone who gives us a hand.